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YWCA Central Alabama has a variety of temporary and permanent housing options for individuals and families.Visit any of the following links below to learn more: If you are fleeing a domestic violence situation, contact the YWCA's 24 hour Crisis Hotline immediately at 205.322.4878, or call the statewide hotline at 1.800.650.6522.○ Absolute Poverty means having less than an objectively defined minimum.

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Unfortunately, this has resulted in an unfortunate number of teens who experience teen dating violence in a romantic relationship.

Each year, one in ten teenagers reports being the victim of teen dating violence.

We operate two permanent housing facilities specifically tailored to the needs of this population in Birmingham’s Avondale neighborhood and Homewood, Alabama.

-permanent housing for developmentally disabled individuals If you or someone you care for is developmentally disabled, you may be interested in learning more about YWCA’s mainstream housing, which provides rental housing in St. For more information, contact the housing office by email here or by calling 205.322.9922, ext. The YWCA Central Alabama offers temporary housing program for low-income single women who are homeless or in need of housing as a result of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking; for whom emergency shelter services or other crisis intervention services are unavailable or insufficient.

Our counselors help them make safety plans, obtain jobs or job training and work toward independence and self-sufficiency. YWCA works in partnership with the community to create a healthy and sustainable environment for individuals and families.

If you are single, a single parent with children or a two-parent family, you may be eligible for the YWCA’s income-based permanent housing in Woodlawn, which offers two-and three-bedroom apartments. -permanent housing for seniors and disabled individuals YWCA Central Alabama offers a continuum of residential programs for seniors and disabled individuals.

A conviction of a teen dating violence offense in California can have serious long-term consequences.

San Diego criminal defense lawyer Vikas Bajaj says “teenagers are not immune from the lifelong consequences that can accompany a criminal record, especially for crimes of domestic violence or sexual abuse.

In the absence of an accepted definition of poverty, these statistics have been used by many analysts who wanted to study the characteristics of the relatively worse off families in Canada.

They reflect a consistent and well-defined methodology that identifies those who are substantially worse off than the average. Ottawa, Canadian Institute for Health Information.15 - - Statistics Canada.

Live Your provides advocacy and action opportunities to spread awareness about causes such as access to education, empowering girls, and ending violence against women.

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