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Added Trivia posts don't set off alert now if have username ect as alert and trivia bot post score with username in it Trivia bot posts next question Alert is sounded now.

More messages when passwords incorect 13th May 2017 Yaz Mic updated V 4.02.03 to fix bug with username using capitals, cause Voice error!

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The attorney general said his office will look at other Internet service providers that may have similar problems.

"Because of this agreement, Yahoo chat rooms are a safer place today," Jon Bruning, Nebraska's attorney general, said in a statement.

For some reason I could rarely fathom, a large number of men would chat as women in Yahoo !

Perhaps they wanted to experience the sensation of being wanted, a sensation many used to a life of lonely desperation never quite experienced.

Perhaps they suffered from the prison syndrome, where you no longer care if it is a man or a woman. Chat was not just about making connections in the great beyond.

Whatever may have been the real reason, the things to remember was that if something was too good to be true, it definitely was. It fuelled the economy, building, together with gaming and porn, the cybercafe business in India.Added Auto Local Host selection on yazserv chat rooms So you have no longer need to select them with right click "Join Room Local Host -Must be your room" Help ... handy if you need to know it Fixed Audibles in Pm's work again now Alerts stopped working after last update..working again now Changed Selective Volume selection per user Right click on volume changes made to work when while user taking also now Removed from PM Yahoo/MSN selection from PM's top right corner and Web Cam Icon Added Selective Volume selection per user You can Move mouse over name to show there current volume setting, Note you can set Start level in chat room buddies.Inspite of adding captchta check in yahoo chat rooms bots are back in chat rooms.I got a comment in my post saying they are back and I verified myself. 7 letter of agreement with New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, Yahoo General Counsel Michael Callahan acknowledged that "certain individuals, interested in engaging in sexual conduct with minors, have at times entered or even created chat rooms for such purposes.

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