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Over the evening, many of them hook up and have a passionate night together, including the maid. Michael and Janie are a pair of young grad students living together on a quiet college campus.One day, Janie discovers that Michael has been cheating on her. See full summary » A lingerie model has been strangled inside a wealthy fashion designer's house, and the designer is the obvious suspect.

He explores putting this into practice and troubleshooting internal issues that prevent you from doing it. The first is "Desire", which teaches you David's model (also known as "emotional activation system", and the how and why it works.

While David is not the first to attempt to harness the power of our emotions to seduce or better connect with women, he does position the course in a better, clearer, context and puts more emphasis on practicality and implementation. The second part is "Lust" which covers "how to implement" it.

looks just like a test solution to me."The genius engineer of the 'Project Adam' development team.

The guy who's likely to cause an explosion once he's in the zone on an interesting research.

====================◆STORY◆====================Joining a team of highly-skilled engineers on a highly-classified robotics project, your assignment―as a top-notch clinical psychologist―is to advise,instruct and insinuate these eye-catching, outstanding male researchers on..to love!? if 'Love' truly exists.====================◆CHARACTERS◆====================◆He who 'says it as it is'...

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