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Richard Tanner, chairman of the North Waltham, Steventon, Ashe and Deane History Society, believes the photograph was taken at Steventon Manor in 1944, but he would like to know more about it and is asking Gazette readers if they can identify any of the people in it.“Judging by the date and from the presence of so many senior people, it appears that the gathering is linked to Operation Overlord,” said Richard.

The latter was won as a pilot in the Royal Flying Corps, but its occasion was also to lead to Captain Liddell's death from the injuries he suffered.

Dozens of youngsters took part in the 'boogie bounce' event, raising £800 for the Southampton Foster Carers' Association.

Greta Hoxha, 24, caused a stir in Albania after presenting the news without a bra and wearing only an open top jacket.

The 29-year-old must now pay a £14,000 fine within 28 days, or face a possible 12 month jail term.

Dida, of Southdene Road, Chandler’s Ford, was also ordered to pay a total of £4,400 in compensation to workers who have been traced by HMRC, plus £2,000 in court costs.

If the truth be told, I am not surprised that we get a lot of attention."I want to send the message that when people tune in to my show they will get the 'naked' truth, nothing slanted left or right." The bold stunt has caused a stir in conservative Albania, home to a mostly Muslim population of about three million.

Critics have blasted the move as "outrageous" and "disgustingly sexist", but Miss Hoxha insisted she was not affected by such reactions.

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