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is a town in Shenandoah County, Virginia, United States, which was founded in 1761 by Peter Stover.

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Jacob in return, partitioned his new purchase, reselling a part of it to his brother John.

In contrast to the English culture found east of the Blue Ridge, Strasburg was settled with family farms and towns rather than plantations; few slaves; and Germanic language, religions, architecture and decorative arts.

Indigenous peoples of varying cultures hunted at the marshes.

The historic Native American people in the area were the Chisca.

Prior to European settlement, these marshes attracted local wildlife.

Excavations at the SV-2 archaeological site in the area have recovered several well preserved skeletons of now extinct species dating back to the last ice age.What else might be invovled in a successful finish for you?Think about coming out and helping either the race management OR crew for an athlete.Users can narrow their search using the community name, address or special services offered.Select a community to learn more information and gain access to inspection reports.During the American Civil War, Saltville was one of the Confederacy's main saltworks.

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