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The second season saw Siya make a move from New York City to Los Angeles where she was courted by the likes of T-Pain and recorded tracks with Chris Brown and Sage the Gemini. I just felt like, you know, Oxygen just saw fit for the show to bring in two new cast members. AE: Did you know the new artists before shooting with them? When she first moved to New York, I kind of took her under my wing and showed her around the studio and what not. AE: So what was the dynamic like this season bringing in some new people? As we get further into the season, you’ll see a little bit of distance from one cast member.

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This is hard because we have no control over where our minds roam.

But while you can’t choose not to have that first thought, you decide not to let yourself follow it. Force yourself to finish reading that Tweet, or maybe even that book you were so into before you met him. So if you’re having a serious flirtation with a guy and feel like you’re getting swept away, get back into reality STAT. The Pattern: When you like a guy, you try to orchestrate events that will bring you together, like organizing a happy hour after work or a night out dancing with your classmates. You are trying to push him to ask you out NOW so you don’t have to sit with your anxiety all week.

Looking back at the wreckage of your relationship history, you’ll know if it’s time to cleanse your dating palate of the chaotic and destructive patterns that have gotten you to where you are, overwhelmed by loneliness and afraid you’ll be perpetually single.

Click through to see some of the biggest offenders and suggestions for how to let them go. Plus: 8 Types Of Scientists We Want To Date And Why The Pattern: After a date, you lie in bed all day reliving every delicious moment from the night before.

Among them was Siya, an openly gay rapper whose career was on the rise thanks to the support of her mentor, R&B soul singer Tank.

But her success was tempered by a controlling girlfriend, Renee, and Siya ultimately decided to end their relationship to focus more on herself.

Because, female fetishization of beauty was not as painful to me as male fetishization.

Dating a butch women who is shit that I never noticed before, especially when I bring up being sexually assaulted.

The two were supposed to tie the knot this summer but "Rob called it off," an insider revealed to the mag. (Photo Credit: Getty Images) This news comes as no surprise since things seemingly haven't been picture perfect between the two. RELATED: See the Cast of 'Remember Me' Then and Now!

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