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Holding the "miracle" HIV-prevention pill, Truvada. My daily Truvada regimen is called Pr EP, or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis.

That means I take it now, while I'm HIV-negative, and it prevents infection if I'm exposed to the virus.

We are going to go see 'The Love Cruise'Glittergurl4ever: Awwww! Very unscientific.e=mc2mathlete: I agree with Julie on this, it's highly unlikely and has no scientific data to back it up. ji'Bogatonakdgui: It means "A young girl between the ages of 15 and 17 who was born in a rich family in a rural village in Hakmakhistan that has gone to live with her poor uncle and his goat who run a restaurant in America."Swasome Swagmaster: …Sexy Karate Beast: …NMSNerd Girl: …Lil Easy Rapper: …Glittergurl4ever: …e=mc2mathlete: Wow…that's…specific…Karategurl482: Now that's a big bowl of word salad right there! e=mc2mathlete: Well, it is a math formula that is used for calculating…Karategurl482: MILTON!

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His determination to give a voice to the men, women and children who are the pawns in conflicts not of their own making definitely took a toll on our marriage.

I learned to recognise the lock-down mood that followed yet another assignment in Rwanda, Ethiopia, Iraq, Albania, Afghanistan.

I've heard the rumors that taking this will influence me to stop using condoms and start screwing the whole touring cast of .

It has taken me several months to get these pills—for free, thanks to a combination of insurance and Washington State's drug-assistance program—and there's something unreal about finally holding them.

I work on a sexually transmitted infection that has killed 30 million people; I can do a tasteless joke or two of my own.

But along with the wisecracks came top quality journalism. Karate Gurl482: And it's not creepy at all that you two typed that at the exact same time *eye roll*ji'Bogatonakdgui: This word, "schooly" was a word in my country! ji'Bogatonakdgui: Well my uncle is not having a lot of business right now and so I am taking my break. Swasome Swagmaster: Dude, movies aren't supposed to be boring and all schooly! NMSNerd Girl: Technically Jerry, "schooly" is not a word.e=mc2mathlete: Technically Jerry, "schooly" is not a word. I love fishing, cooking, biking, playing my guitar, working out, and chilling with my lizard lmao. I'm a transguy soo hopefully that won't stop you if you want to talk.Nevertheless, no one would be surprised if he joined the list of high-profile figures, usually men, who have been labeled sex addicts or actively sought treatment as such, e.g.

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