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MORE: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Reunite for Their Twins’ Birthday!(Photo Credit: Splash) A source close to the new couple tells Emme and Maximilian...

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"It's obvious — we've been having a great time," the 41-year-old said.

It looks like things are getting real serious real fast between Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez!

And she just likes simple things, she’s a very, very simple person.

“She would kill me if I said too much, but chocolate-chip ice cream and chocolate-chip cookies.” Chocolate-chip cookies? We're not convinced he even knows Jennifer Lopez, let alone is dating her after all.

The former Yankees star and singer/actress had been spotted crisscrossing the country together over the past few weeks, sparking speculation they were dating and debate over an appropriate moniker for the twosome.

Let's take a trip down memory lane — through Jennifer Lopez's love history, to be more specific.

There are a few ways to stay humble when you’re unspeakably famous.

You can pull a Vince Chase and bring the whole crew—even Turtle—to Hollywood. You can build a youth center in your hometown, for the kids.

The badass singer, actress, and producer has been linked to celebrities and civilians alike since she first hit the spotlight, and is now reportedly dating a new man: former MLB player Alex Rodriguez.

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