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According to the suit, while he was dating Tara Reid, Aaron Kaufman claimed when he was fired that he used the company credit card only because his wife, whom he was then divorcing, had somehow “locked up” his bank accounts.

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It was difficult to populate the worst dressed list this week!

That's because so many of our faves killed it in the fashion department, but of course not everyone was a style winner.

That came at a Blue Shield employee bowling night at a San Francisco alley, an event where Reid whipped off her shirt and posed for photos clad only her bra and jeans, including this one.

Though the photos drew a considerable amount of attention in the media, including in, Blue Shield confirmed that “Mr. In all, the company alleges that Kaufman blew more than a hundred grand on his company credit card, much of it on wooing Tara Reid — who herself has a reported net worth of about $2 million — including almost $17,500 on a Florida vacation with Reid, and more than $800 for a single night at a ritzy Fort Lauderdale hotel with the star.

Diddy" Combs's 35th birthday party in New York when a strap of her loose-fitting dress slipped down and exposed her left breast.

She did not notice it and continued posing until another guest stepped to her and corrected the boob slip.

The bizarre story comes from a counter-lawsuit filed by insurance giant Blue Shield of California against Kaufman, its former Chief Technology Officer, who sued the health insurer on April 6 for wrongful termination after it fired him earlier this year.

Kaufman says in his own suit that Blue Shield canned him as a way to shut him up after he blew the whistle on financial hanky-panky inside the mega-firm, according to a report in .

But her career began to falter when in October 2006, unflattering photos of Tara emerged.

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