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If you've been coloring your hair—especially to a platinum extreme—your strands are surely suffering.

You can keep them healthier with regular trims and weekly repair masks like Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment, but eventually you'll experience dryness and brittleness that causes hair to break.

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When we interviewed musician and budding style icon Sky Ferreira for our May issue, she condensed our current fascination with platinum blonde into one easy sentence: "Bleach is addictive." And sure, hair makeovers are hotter than ever, at least according to celebs like Debby Ryan, Kesha, and Kendall Jenner, but once you've been coloring your strands for a while, it's a good idea to give the bleach a breather and go back to your natural hair color.

I took the plunge to the light side about six months ago when my colorist, Aura Friedman (known in New York as something of a "model transformer"), lifted my strands from dark brown to a sandy, flan hue.

Âgée de treize ans, elle commence à prendre des cours de chant pour affiner sa voix.

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