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“I felt, oh my God, this is a great story.” Ignoffo makes clear, though, that the fantastical stories were not created by the buyers of the house after Winchester’s death in 1922.(Relatives of the family who purchased it in 1923 still own it today.) In fact, during the heiress’s lifetime, rumors were rampant and often made it into the local papers that Winchester was “braving the wrath of the spirits.” Ignoffo attributes those rumors to neighbors at the time, whose friendly overtures to the heiress were rebuffed.

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Sarah kept close to 22 carpenters and 12 gardeners (who were quite handsomely paid, we are told) working on the house, round-the-clock, every day, until 1922, when she eventually breathed her last.

By 1906, the mansion was over seven stories tall, but the earthquake that year caused considerable damage.

Author Mary Jo Ignoffo, a De Anza College history teacher, contends that, far from the prevailing notion that Winchester was a “maddened spiritualist driven by remorse,” research shows she was “an intelligent, articulate woman who sought to protect her private life amidst the chaos of her public existence.” Ignoffo disputes the often-told stories that Winchester built constantly because a medium in Boston had told her that the deaths of her husband and infant daughter were caused by the spirits of all those killed by Winchester rifles and the only way she could appease them was to build a house — continuously — without ever completing it.

Not only could Ignoffo find no record of the Boston medium, but a number of letters Winchester wrote to family in New Haven, Conn., indicate she often stopped work for months at a time, dismissing “all the workmen to take such rest as I might through the winter.” The author also uncovered letters suggesting Winchester kept building as an excuse to discourage relatives from visiting.

“To the local people, she was an enigma,” the author writes. Eventually, they just made fun.” But Ignoffo found that none of the people who worked for Winchester ever claimed that she was superstitious, guilt-ridden or mad.

Roy Leib, the son and law partner of Winchester’s lawyer, said in 1925 that “Mrs.

The story of Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California, begins with a death.

In July 1866, almost to this very date, Sarah Winchester, the wife of a gun magnate named William Winchester lost her infant daughter Annie, just over a week old then, to marasmus.

Grappled with grief, it is said that Lady Winchester sought solace in a seance ritual, where a spiritual medium convinced her that she was cursed by the spirits of the people that died because of the terrible weapon (the rifle) that her husband sold.

Absolution was only possible if she moved far west (towards the setting sun) and built a new life, in a new home, for both herself and the spirits who had fallen from the “terrible weapon”.

Two decades later, in 1881, William too tragically died, leaving behind a devastated widow with an inheritance of million, which she had no interest in.

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