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Radke was abandoned by his mother and left in the hands of his father and grandmother at a young age. As a child, he had a keen interest in music and started learning piano and guitar.Ronnie Radke formed a band, ' Escape the Fate' in 2015, with his friends Monte Bryan Money (lead guitar), Max Green (bass), Robert Ortiz (drums) and Omar Espinosa (rhythm).He has been dating Caroline from the year of December and this makes his age 32 at this time.

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The gig awarded them the opportunity to open a show on the band's headlining tour with ' Alkaline Trio' and ' Reggie and the Full', subsequently leading to Escape the Fate's record deal with Epitaph.

On 26 September 2006, the band released their debut studio album, “Dying is Your Latest Fashion.” Omar left a year later due to personal issues.

His personal life has been as perfect as his career.

He is currently dating his girlfriend Caroline Burt and it seems like everything is going good with their affair.

He belongs to the nationality American and it is quite obvious as he was born in America.

He belongs to the ethnicity white according to some sources.

This was taken in fear, but is now shared to offer hope,' Sally Watts writes in the caption of her photo showing a nasty black eye that resulted in Radke's arrest. There's always a way out' ‘It is now nearly two years since I went to the police to report the domestic abuse I suffered by Radke I am terrified by what I know he is capable of doing to another woman,’ Sally Watts exclusively tells Mail Online of her ex.

While Lou was a respected businessman who could whisk 29-year-old Jenna around the world on private jets and keep her clothed in Chanel and Gucci, Radke the lead vocalist of rock band Falling in Reverse, offers up a dark past, including a history of domestic violence, drug addiction and a stint in jail for his involvement in a brutal 2006 murder.

‘I have been invalidated, harassed and threatened by his fans after he has provoked them with his lies about me, and in fear for any other woman involved with him,’ Sally reveals.

Not long after, he officially moved on with Southern Charm reality star Jenna, who seems completely blinded by her love for Radke — she’s gone as far as getting his zodiac sign, the Sagittarius archer, tattooed on her hand for him.

The singer was arrested at his home in Glendale, Calif., for reportedly physically attacking his then girlfriend, Sally, 30.

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