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Feeney is one of the few who knows that Homeland Security covered up Richard Troy's death by his daughter's hand. Eve arrested her for being a con artist - several times - and the two ended up becoming friends. Mavis is described as a tiny, pale woman (in contrast to her husband, Leonardo who is large and copper-coloured).Unless Mavis is upset, she radically changes her appearance daily, sporting different lengths, styles, and colors of hair with often matching or contrasting eye color.Until mid April, characters are introduced by the soap's executive producer, Cameron Welsh.

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Speaking out: The personality approached Marni (pictured) in her post, writing: 'Dan is the furthest thing from a bully.

Marns you've got this one wrong, I'm sorry but not ok to just jump to such a wrong conclusion''Dan is the furthest thing from a bully.

He wrote, in part: 'When in Croatia #dryjuly #maybenextyear'. You don't get drunk and write stupid s**t on the internet.' Daily Mail Australia has reached out to Dan Ewing for comment.

Dan also attempted some light comedy with his use of the double-negative hashtag: 'Kat Don't Drink None'. Meanwhile, Dan had previously admitted to blaming himself for his separation from Marni after four years of marriage.

Thursday near East 11th Street and Benton Boulevard. Adarius and his cousin were fatally shot Sunday night on Haskell Avenue.

Crime Hundreds of people attended a candlelight vigil Wednesday at Henry County Courthouse in Clinton, Mo., to honor Gary Michael, a slain Clinton police officer.

Crime Fazon Swinton, 19, was sentenced Friday in Jackson County Circuit Court.

He was convicted in June of second-degree murder, attempted robbery, armed criminal action and leaving the scene in the killing of Jacob A. Crime Police were investigating a shooting shortly before 9 p.m. Crime Ian Mc Carthy, who is charged with first-degree murder in the Sunday night shooting of Clinton police officer Gary Michael, made his first court appearance Friday. Crime The tampering charge alleges William Grant Noble threw the rifle used in the slaying of Police Officer Gary Michael into a creek about 2 miles north of Clinton, Mo. Crime A vigil for 16-year-old Adarius Barber was held Wednesday on the football field at Washington High School in Kansas City, Kan.

Just a few miles north-east of downtown Dallas is a 1000-acre lake known as White Rock, surrounded by large and expensive houses.

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