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The 50-year-old Bush frontman was seen with Mindy, who has been accused of playing a role in the breakdown of the rocker's marriage to Gwen Stefani last year, at a gastropub in North Hollywood on Wednesday.The child care centre is run by Mindy - who reportedly opened it thanks to a loan by her former bosses Gavin and Gwen - and the Australian blonde only just returned to work late last year after cheating allegations were leveled at her and the married musician.It turned out that Jenna actually planted the story herself in an attempt to beat the curse of the middle-aged actress since it was more rewarding to pretend she's much older so everyone admires how good she looks for her age.

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- The girls' ex-boyfriends stop by to dish the dirt to Ambre and Heather.

Brittanya takes this chance to assault Heather with fists and spit, so Bret decides her tour will stop here.

): Two hairs out of place, wearing the same flashy "night tie" from last night, rolling up in a town car, you know how it goes.

"Stride of Pride" opened with Jack's version of a walk of shame (stride of pride!

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Where our belated reality Easter baskets are filled with punches to the head and drunken smack talk. - Natasha gives Kelsey the beatdown, Ashley is drunk off her ass, at least two former contestants who are not Ashley have gone into rehab, Constandina sticks a sparkly third eye on Bret's bandana, and Riki Rachtman totally needs to buy Mindy a copy of Don't Call That Man! - The girls write lyrics to a Bret Michaels song, and only one is clever enough to incorporate the word "skanks." Meanwhile, dull, catfights, dull, duller.

It started off a little meh, but picked up a lot of speed on the way, and Liz Lemon was absolutely flawless throughout.

Last night's episode was a potpourri of "Sex and the City" homages, dating archetypes and occasionally fourth-wall breaking madness.

Riki Rachtman is once again our host, looking more than...

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