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They are blessed with 5 children: 4 daughters and 1 son.Born on 11th July 1970, Justin Chambers is a son of Pamela Sue and John William Eugene Chambers II, both of them are Deputy Sheriffs.It was pretty bad- I was in casts for like six months and a magician came to the Children’s Hospital in St.

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Chambers started acting career from soap opera , where he played the recurring role of Nicholas and Hudson in 1995. Chambers married Keisha Chamber, a former model agent of Booker in 1993.

The couple first met while Chambers was working for ad campaigns for Calvin Klein and Keisha at a modeling agency.

He grew up along with 2 fraternal twin brother: Jason and John Jr. He was passionate about acting from his early days.

He joined Southeastern High School in South Charleston, Ohio and later moved to New York City where he studied at HB Studio and Stetson Studio for four years. Four years later, he made a Hollywood debut with a supporting role in 1999 comedy-drama, for different categories like Favorite Dramatic TV actor, Best Cast-TV series and Outstanding Performance in Drama series.

She was born on December 10, 1921 at her childhood home in Ingram, Texas in Kerr County to John L.

and Mattie Lee Henderson, the fifth of eight children.

The host of The Food Network's hit show, Cupcake Wars, Justin Willman aka Justin Kredible, has many tricks up his sleeve.

Many people may not know that his first passion is magic but he tells Starpulse how he became a magician, what it's like being around cupcakes all day, and what's up next for him. I have been doing magic since I was twelve and doing kid’s parties in high school and then started touring around the country when I was in college.

Starpulse: A lot of people don’t know that you are a magician; they just know you as the host of Cupcake Wars. Magic is my first passion; I wouldn’t be in show business if it was for magic. Justin: Both my dad and my grandfather were both airplane pilots.

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