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He worked with ESPN as a studio analyst for college football live with ABC telecast.

However, Jesse has not been seen with any women who can be labeled as her girlfriend.

Now, you might be wondering where did Jessica Bowlin disappear?

He appeared on ' The Bachelor' show hosted by Chris Harrison, a show to give girls a chance to spend time with the handsome player and of course to be a wife if he wished.

In the show, Jesse had to find a wife for himself, and at last, he ended up with Jessica Bowlin, a 22-year old California law student out of 25 contestants on the show.

However, he didn't propose Jessica instead Jesse presented her with a one-way first class ticket to New York.

Maybe Jesse wanted her to fulfill her dreams and focus on her study, or maybe it was just a Copout After having a long-distance relationship for a couple of months, the news of the couple still being together vanished in thin air. According to a source, this is what Jesse had to say about the relationship they had, "Jessica and I shared an incredible romantic journey on the show that began with a friendship that remains strong today.Burke and his girlfriend of the time were on a break so he decided he would take out his second favorite girl -- that cute junior from AP Psych who had been coming to a lot of the football parties -- Ms. A few days later, Burke attended Jesse's surprise birthday party, flowers in hand. Distance from Burke's fraternity house to Jesse's dorm Unanue Hall: 6.2 miles. " After a few minutes, Jesse and Burke move to texts, still using one another's numbers stored away since their college days years ago.With such a short distance separating him from an old flame, Burke decided to pay Jesse a visit. But there is still a problem: it's Sunday night and they may both be in Frederick now but Jesse has an early train (Acela!After months of narrowing down the number of possible candidates, Palmer ultimately chose law student, Jessica Bowlin as the winner at the end of the show’s fifth season.While the two eventually found themselves in a relationship by the end of the series, the former quarterback ultimately did not choose to propose to Bowlin; instead, he had invited her to “chase [their] dreams” together in New York.However despite the relationship’s promising outlook at the time, the blonde beauty eventually chose not to relocate with Palmer to the bustling state after some considerationーit wasn’t long before, the pair soon found themselves in failing long distance relationship.

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