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The Denver Nuggets are coming off of four excellent wins, pulling away slightly from the Portland Trail Blazers in the competition for 8th seed in the Western Conference.Through hard work, this young team’s identity is slowly starting to emerge allowing everyone’s roles to come into focus.

One such player is Danilo Gallinari who is playing some of his best basketball lately.

Gallinari’s hard work has gone over a little too quietly recently so I’m here to put a big spotlight on the Rooster’s contribution to the Nuggets this season—particularly after the all-star break.

To the ill fated and poorly staffed Brian Shaw regime that missed Gallo for an entire year. He also, without question, makes the team better offensively and, indeed, makes the offensive side of the ball BETTER.

Gallo can get his own shot, and has actually improved his three point shooting to the best it’s been since his rookie year (where he only played a quarter of a season).

From the Nuggets flameout against the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs (who doesn’t think Gallo would have SIGNIFICANTLY helped the Nuggets that series? As Nuggets fans we cannot escape that moment and how it fundamentally changed this franchise forever.

) to the ensuing departures of Masai Ujiri and head coach George Karl. Gallo was that good in 2013 and a heavy bit of revisionist history has gone on to make it seem otherwise. It also brought into focus the inherent quandary that is The Rooster. Despite looking awkward he has a sometimes great one on one scoring game.His true shooting percentage of 60.8 percent is good for 21st in the league among qualifiers, ahead of notable sharpshooters Klay Thompson, J. This shows his efficiency, as it means despite having the ball in his hands far less than in most previous seasons, he is still posting the second highest points average of his career.What’s more impressive about Gallinari’s shooting numbers is the fact that they don’t substitute for lack of pure scoring output.Gallinari is coming off the most prolific shooting season of his career and converted on 44.7 percent of his field goals and 38.9 percent of his threes, Gallinari’s best marks since his rookie season.The swingman also appeared in 63 games for Denver this year, the most he’s played since 2012-13.He and Nikola Jokic, after a rocky start, began to find a somewhat harmonious existence. Gallo nearly shot a career high in field goal percentage (44.7% vs 44.8% his rookie year).

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