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Errol Leslie Flynn was born in a suburb of Hobart, Tasmania, where his father, Theodore, was a lecturer (1909) and later professor (1911) of biology at the University of Tasmania.

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But in 1945, he was in between assignments and back in California. According to historian Mark Harris, Huston was disappointed with his latest documentary, (1945), and longed to return to civilian life.

He was also in the middle of divorcing his second wife, Lesley Black, and he wasn’t in the mood to chitchat with movie stars.

He dodged bullets and bombs as a reporter in the Spanish Civil War; he was a skilled yachtsman; he relished brawling; he was a drinking partner of Fidel Castro; and there were also allegations that he was a Nazi spy.

Yet it is for his incredible sexual exploits that Flynn will most be remembered.

Marc Eliot, author of a previously acclaimed biography of Cary Grant, says the notoriously tyrannical MGM boss, Louis B Mayer, was so concerned about the young Stewart's apparent lack of interest in ladies he forced him to visit a brothel so people wouldn't start gossiping that he was gay.

The episode may say more about the glorious clash between Hollywood licentiousness and American puritanism than it does about Stewart.Flynn decided to have sex whenever he could and with whomever he fancied.He was 12 when he lost his virginity to his parents' maid, who was promptly dismissed."I had to lay down the law to him," an MGM scout called Bill Grady told Eliot."I had to tell him, 'Jim, if you don't go and give a manly account of yourself at least a few times, Mayer and the others will think you're gay.'" Mayer owned a private brothel just off the MGM lot, creating a discreet locale where the talent could misbehave in the secure knowledge that word would not reach the gossip columnists and entertainment magazines.According to newspapers of the day, Selznick’s party was quite the affair, “attended by scores of the famous and near famous.” It was a Who’s Who of Hollywood, a menagerie of beautiful bodies and oversized egos, and it would all end with a spectacularly bloody fistfight.

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