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Chris Brown ruffled a few feathers after he commented about Rihanna’s sexy Barbados costume on her Instagram page on Monday.

Gerald’s family isn’t the only ex’s family Kandi keeps a close relationship with, she said that her other ex who also passed away a few years ago, has children whom she is still very close to and her husband Todd is cool with it… But Todd has been very supportive, very open to them and being a great friend.

[Kandi] has stayed in touch with the children of her former fiance’ Ashley ‘AJ’ Jewell, who was killed in a bar brawl in Georgia in 2009, and they have all embraced her relationship with her husband, “They still come over. When I first started dating Todd, I didn’t know how welcoming he would be to the fact that I am still in my exes’ children’s lives. Of course he’s not trying to be anybody’s dad or anything, but he’s a good friend for them.

Maybe that’s the reason why: for me to come to a better place. She’s about to jump the broom, she has a wnderful daughter, a thriving singing career, and on Monday (August 9, 2017)she hit ?

But compared to somebody who lost their whole family — do you understand? I had days when I blubbered like a baby, just crying. But I have a purpose now.” [TPD]“The music has always been healing. Those little things right there are so very important.

And they’re like, ‘Oh, Todd is cool.'” It looks like Kandi has created some loving relationships with her extended families, that’s a beautiful thing and it would have been really interesting to see Gerald and Kandi remain in a long relationship while he was here.

They both have down to earth personalities, so they’re chemistry was probably magnetic.

Keep resting well Gerald, until we meet again and in the meantime we’ll be here jammin’ to the classics cuts that you, your beloved brother Sean, and you group member Marc Gordon graced us with.

Usher’s latest accuser, Quantasia Sharpton (also known as Angel Valentino) has caused quite a stir over the past two days.

But 14 months later in March of 2008, the unthinkable happened when Sean died from withdrawals from the anxiety med, Xanax, while in police custody for non-payments of child support. I could see him at times in the dressing room, staring off way into wherever he was. Before we could put a cap on that — and I knew Eddie never could, because he told me that it left a hole in his heart that would never heal — Sean left us. “Even now, when I go and perform those songs by myself, they’re medicine. All of that goes away as soon as I start doing that music.” [TPD]“When Gerald and Sean passed away, I wanted to really blame myself because I felt like it was some things I could’ve kept them from seeing that I did in my life, as a father. People say, ‘You’re a great dad,’ and all of that, but I’m a person, too, you know? And so, consequently, they saw me do some things that … Although we wish they were still here, the lessons they’ve given Eddie are beautiful, because now with his younger kids and his grandchildren, he has a chance to try to get it right in honor of his beloved sons.

After that, friends and fans alike became even more concerned how Eddie and his ex-wife, Martha, (Sean and Gerald’s Mom) would be able to keep on keeping on. Taking a deep breath, he finished his thought: “I really miss them. But I can’t get caught up in the fact that it wasn’t supposed to be like this, because it happened. That really destroyed him.” [TPD] so Walter encouraged him to take break to grieve. The most therapeutic time I have in my whole life is that hour and a half that I do onstage. I used to take them on the road with me, because it was my wife’s chance to get her break. And I can speak of that guy as being a rotten man because he didn’t know what he had and he didn’t know who he was or what he should’ve been doing. I thought they should’ve been in bed, but the person that was taking care of them, they was out partying so they was out partying and they saw me out partying. We hope that Eddie; Sean’s and Gerald’s mother, Martha; and their children continue to find ways to properly cope with their extreme heartache.

For a while, there has always been this elephant in the room when it comes ?

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