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It was during this time that his ability to levitate off of the ground surfaced and, at the urging of his personal physician, Blaine underwent a thorough examination.When Blaine was 21, his mother was stricken with cancer and passed away in 1994.Plus, not only did David Blaine get slimed, but he disappeared AND traumatized the crowd! Then ch-ch-check out all the best moments from tonight…AFTER THE JUMP!!! David Blaine promised to show the kids a lil' bit of magic at the 2014 Kids’ Choice Awards, but he showed them a glimpse of hell instead!

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Tonight's Kids’ Choice Awards were FULL of celebs, magic tricks, young hollywood stars and, of course, SLIME!!!!!

Even though the host, Mark Wahlberg insisted that he was "unslimeable," he was WRONG!

Though grief-stricken, he continued to perform and make a name for himself at celebrity functions by doing magic tricks for famous people, such as Mike Tyson, Al Pacino and David Geffen.

Blaine made a tape of a performance and sent it to ABC, where the response was tremendous and an interview was soon requested.

Video: Emma Stone Does Magic Tricks & A Killer Britney Spears Impression In rapper's hand. Ch-ch-check out Blaine's AH-Mazing trick as Dave, Drake, and Steph all FREAK out (below)! Justin Timberlake enjoyed a boys night out with The Weeknd and famed magician David Blaine on Tuesday night — and it looks like the R&B singers were in for quite the treat!

The comedian then draws what David believes looks like a frog at which point Blaine picks up a champagne glass, and spits up a frog into the glassware! Jessica Biel's husband posted the most epic selfie with his two pals captioned: We would've loved to be a fly on that wall! [ magazine has turned out to be more fruitful than we ever imagined.

Their on-screen chemistry turned out to be real and was going sweltering and heavy.

But after dating awhile, the pair just chose separate ways, and with that, the reason for their break-up is still a mystery.

A street performer provided Blaine's introduction to magic, as the curious 4-year-old waited for a subway train.

Magic was not his only interest, however, and Blaine went on to attend the Neighborhood Playhouse drama school and appeared in several TV commercials and soap operas.

Caption: Mikey Day made his appearance with Selma Blair at NBC’s Fall Premiere Party in 2008.

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