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A year later she came out publicly as a lesbian in the gay publication, "The Advocate." The article that she wrote changed her life.

Bono gave college a try at New York University, but he dropped out to pursue his interest in music.

Forming a band called Ceremony with friend Chance (Heidi Shink), Bono sang lead vocals and played guitar and percussion.

Sonny made a point of living nearby in order that she had free access to see him.

Shielded from the glare of publicity during her growing-up years, she graduated from the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in 1987 and went to the New York University Tisch School of the Arts.

Bono's second book The End of Innocence: A Memo was released in 2003.

I have an ex who is together with a priest in training.

I love performing as a boy and in drag as Courtney. It’s not your traditional, fleshed-out three act musical—it’s more of a pocket sized culty item, and definitely the most rocky Broadway has been in ages.

You happen to be attractive as both a guy and a girl. Courtney Act: The thing I love about what I do is I have two parts to me, or more. The John Cameron Mitchell/Stephen Trask-penned musical is a punky charmer that works as a sort of rock concert/confessional, as long as there’s a star performance at the core (and there is, there is).

American noted family, the daughter of Cher and Sonny Bono.

When her folks divorced in 1975, her mom had legal custody of her but she was always allowed to spend time with both parents.

She began writing songs with her pal, Chance, and they formed a group with four young men.

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