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It’s unclear why the college sweethearts decided to end their marriage after what seemed like a fairytale romance but it couldn’t have been good.

After their split, RG3 scrubbed his social media accounts of any proof that he and Rebecca ever existed.

Thought to have been shot to death by Sam Mc Call in self defense, but resurfaces in February 2008 as the Text Message Killer. Daughter of Lorenzo Alcazar and Skye Chandler Quartermaine. Responsible for the death of Kristina Cassadine, in an attempt to kill Sonny Corinthos.

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The Jewish financier for Corinthos and Morgan and Benny's identical twin brother. Shot in 2011, and blackmailed by Cesar Faison, posing as Duke Lavery.

Dies during a shootout, after being shot by Joe Scully, Jr. Son of Maria Sanchez and Lorenzo Alcazar, raised thinking Maria is his sister to hide him from his father.

Heather's gun is secretly hidden in a doll, kept closely in Sarah's hands. Held Bobbie Spencer hostage while trying to make a run for it, later poisoning her with the toxin. Biological mother of Mike Webber, who was adopted by Dr. Was married to Rick Webber after his wife Lesley Webber was thought to have been killed.

Sarah is convinced that she drowned her sister, a fact found to not be true.

Usually, that is a move reserved for the least amicable of splits and when one of the partners in the relationship feels like they really got the raw end of the deal.

It has been a rough few years for RG3, who definitely underwhelmed NFL fans as the head quarterback for the Washington Redskins before getting injured and having to sit out most of the last season.Roommate to Heather Webber in the Forest Hill Sanitarium. Prior to leaving Port Charles, she married Derek, the son of one of her blackmail subjects, and moved to Nebraska to decorate her new mansion. Swedish opera singer who uses the stage name Kristin Nilsson. Killed Sage Alcazar and Trent Parker in the Quartermaine mansion. Keeps all of Heather's secrets when Heather is escaping the sanitarium to kill Diana Taylor. Held the General Hospital café hostage, threatening to contaminate the whole room with a MOX 36 virus toxin if his demands were not met. Killed by Lorenzo Alcazar after he allegedly switched her medication. After describing a scene of Jordan messing with Testi by demanding he fetch some lotion, Ben Bolch explains: To the uninitiated it might have resembled a mild hazing ritual, but there was always a playful undercurrent between Testi, Jordan and teammate Blake Griffin.Their relationship felt like something out of the buddy comedy “Entourage,” with Testi playing the role of the relative nobody along for the ride with his celebrity friends during dinners and other outings.The question on everyone’s mind still remained, however: has provided a window into what kind of relationship Testi had with Griffin (and De Andre Jordan, as well), which might be another piece in the puzzle.

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