Whitelabeldating cname

You can check to see if the CNAME has been set up correctly at;

Input the CNAME you have created and check to see if it has propagated and that is points to alias2. Ensure you have customised the colours in the backend checking that there are no colour clashes.

For example, if you want to set up a mature site then you would consider; Label Dating provide the platform for your dating site, it is your responsibility to create a Landing Page.

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Focusing your time on what works and cutting costs and effort on what doesn’t will help you succeed with your private label dating site.

We have introduced many types of reporting in the past to help determine […] Continue Reading » Recently Google has updated their advertising policies for adult-oriented content.

We usually check the settings via the following links: you can always use them to check that you have successfully changed your DNS settings.

Sometimes when the registrars do not provide any particular whois service we request our partners to send us a screenshot of the admin panel where the Dating Factory’s nameservers have been added.

Growing our private label dating platform is our number one priority.

We are constantly working hard to improve our reporting, conversion ratios, and service to our partners.

App Randy Rabbits images are well optimized though.

It’s better to minify Java Script in order to improve website performance.

However, our API and White Label are free to use at any volume, to get started please go to our Sign In page and follow the instructions.

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