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It was a few years ago (I've changed a few small details to protect his identity), and I had a crush on a 28-year-old filmmaker who frequented the bar I worked in.

”Like most women, I carry around my own small-penis story, to be shared at moments precisely like this.

A dating website has been launched to help ladies find well-endowed suitors.

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During my year of celibacy (I'm under no illusion that it was a shared vow) I purchased my first home, completed the first half of my master’s degree, got a promotion at work, adopted an awesome dog, and generally got my shit together.

I'm a lot less crazy now, and feel confident that I'm in a better place for a partnership, as he appears to be as well.

While this is all richly complex in emotional baggage, let's flash back to alone-on-the-couch me.

Tonight we cooked dinner together, took the dogs to the park, and spooned on the couch whilst whispering sweet nothings and sharing our hopes and dreams.

This would technically be reunion number three, after two previous attempts to navigate my anorexia, his fishing addiction, and our collective and respective self-destruction, reckless intoxication, higher education, etc.

It's been exactly a year since break up #2, after exactly a year of living together.

Men who sign up for the dating website must disclose how long their privates are, and, like the name of the website suggests, seven inches is the minimum.

Men also need to indicate whether or not they're circumcised.

The study revealed that pεnis size was most strongly correlated with higher attractiveness scores. In addition to pεnis size, the study revealed that women are attracted to narrow hips and broad shoulders.

Lastly, the findings also indicate that taller men with smaller genitalia are still more desirable than shorter men with larger genitalia.

, I thought to myself while trying to imagine him naked.

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