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What I want to be able to do is that I should be able to declare a Clip Player object with the arguments of a path name.

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To add a sound resource to your game, use the Resource menu or right-click on the resource tree and select Create Sound, or you can use the corresponding button on the toolbar.

Any of those will bring up the following window: To load a sound, press the Load Sound button to the right of the sound name.

Wave is an uncompressed or lossless format, whereas MP3 is compressed or lossy.

Technically is just a container format and can hold various types of compressed or uncompressed audio, but typically you'll see it containing LPCM uncompressed audio (the same as on audio CDs).

You can also have multiple wave files playing at once, which is why you should use these for all the sound effects in your game.

MP3 () files should be used for background music as Game Maker: Studio only permits you to play one music track at a time.

Multimedia Resources Home Free Birthday Songs / Music Free Background Image Tiles Free Sound Effects Free TV Theme Songs Free Computer Wallpapers Free Icons Collections Windows Movie Maker Free Computer Clipart Images Free Website Templates Free Fonts Downloads Mega-Paks File Archives Free Website Page Graphics Articles, Tutorials & Trivia Free Cool Tools Online Free MIDI Karaoke Songs Nifter Media on You Tube Casey Anthony Case Videos Link to Free Television Theme Songs Downloads Page 4 (D) The free television theme song downloads below are all wave (.wav) or MP3 (.mp3) file audio clips unless otherwise specified.

The television theme music in this section covers the entire period from tv's inception until today.

Being an electronic music producer, file format is something I have to consider at some point.

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