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A cordon was set up and residents living in the immediate area were evacuated as a precaution.

The Explosive Ordinance Disposal team was called and they removed the item safely.

Archaeology highlights ranged from a Roman coinhoard, through the medieval church which was also the site of priory, to the 24 surviving timber-framed buildings in the township and a surviving Tudor wall painting in one of the farms.

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It has been suggested that Warburton was the site of an Anglo-Saxon burgh or defended settlement, possibly either called "Toppingburgh" or Weard byrig, established by Aethelflaed, Queen of the Mercians, in 915 during the wars with the Vikings.

However, it now seems likely that site lay on the Wales–Cheshire border.

In the 21st century, the village remains predominantly rural. According to the 2001 census, the parish had a population of 286.

Some limited evidence has been found of activity on the site of Warburton dating from the Bronze Age, through the Iron Age and Roman periods; these include a flint blade, six Mesolithic tools, pieces of quernstone, and a snake bracelet.

A suspicious item was found in a bush by a member of the public on Carr Green Lane, in Warburton, near to a National Grid station, just before 8.50am this morning.

Officers discovered a metal hip flask which is currently undergoing examination to determine its contents.

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