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These were messenger clients such as MSN messenger and AOL messenger (AOL who acquired ICQ in 1998).

Web Chat is a useful application that allows a number of people on the World Wide Web to talk to one another simultaneously.


In three easy steps anyone can build their own chat room and use it on their site.

We also provide an API and premium packages to suit feature requirements.

Signing up for an account gives you the option to control the way Mibbit works for you with a bunch of preferences for colours, smileys, and skins.

Mibbit chat runs on all PC and Mac browsers, and if you're not at a PC it also works on PS3, Wii and i Phone too!

Mibbit gives anyone the capability to create fast, flexible group chat on their site through the use of it's customisable Javascript widget.

With Mibbit you can get a chat widget that is easy to use and has lots of configuration and connectivity options to IRC networks.

Web chats (also known as messengers, IM, or instant messengers) have been around for decades, almost as long as email.

The first major web chat client that was used worldwide was ICQ. ICQ was originally released in November 1996, and was freely available to anyone with a computer and Internet connection.

Yeni arkadaşlarla tanışabileceğiniz sosyal özellikleri, kendinize ait kişisel fotoğraf albümleri oluşturma ve paylaşma seçenekleri, yüksek kalitede görüntülü ve sesli konuşma özellikleri gibi birçok yeniliği akıllı telefon kullanıcılarına sunan We Chat, günden güne büyümeye ve daha çok kullanıcıya ulaşmaya devam etmektedir.

Piyasada birçok mesajlaşma ve sesli görüşme uygulaması olduğunu düşündüğümüz zaman, ulaşmayı başarmış olduğu milyonlarca kullanıcı sayısıyla da kalitesini belli eden We Chat'i mutlaka denemenizi öneririm.

We enable organizations using Microsoft Skype for Business/ Lync to easily incorporate a real-time presence-enabled, web chat service on their website.

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