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It's also that 2017 has been, so far, packed with innovative, interesting, provocative indie titles that range from dating sims to twin-stick shooters to puzzle games.

We recommend playing every game on this list, but if you don't have the time or the money, or both, then at least take a moment to check out our selections.

With a bit more than half the year gone, we're already comfortable saying that 2017 has a bumper crop of amazing, must-play video games.

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He's referred to as your "dadsona" (short for "dad persona").

"We have a dad in the game who is the cool hipster dad, so one of your dates takes you to a concert venue named The Sound Garden, because there's a lot of dad puns in this game," says co-creator Vernon Shaw.

During the date, you meet animated versions of Pup, while their 2016 song plays in the background. This isn't the first time the Juno and Polaris Prize-nominated band have worn their love of video games on their sleeves.

The music video for "The four of us grew up in the golden-age of spastic, seizure inducing video games (see: the 90's)," drummer Zack Mykula told Nerdist.

The game casts you in the role of a single father who has just moved to a new town with his teenage daughter.

Although the two of you have been on your own for a while, the death of your spouse—you can specify if they were male or female—clearly still weighs on your mind.

But once we were more comfortable with each other, the gaming became more and more frequent.

Almost every time I went to his place, he would be on his computer, mouse and keyboard clicking at a rapid pace.

Living the life of an entirely different person, with no way to change it. I tried counting sheep, but the only thing that really helps is a quick trip to the kitchen to grab something sweet from my fridge.

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