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Dashed lines show bus connections, and dotted lines show ferry routes, neither of which are covered by rail passes.Also, follow the links below for: • More tips for figuring out whether a pass makes sense for your trip • The basics on choosing among rail passes • More tips for getting the most out of a rail pass • General advice on deciding between first and second class • Fare-estimate maps outside Spain & Portugal • Answers to frequently asked rail-pass questions Choose one of the passes below to check prices and to buy your pass (orders are fulfilled by Rail Europe).

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Cognitive impairment of different degrees of severity, including clinically manifest dementia, is recognized as one of the most important predisposing factors.

Precipitating factors include many acute and chronic (medical) conditions such as polypharmacy, use of psychoactive drugs, physical restraints, abnormality in laboratory measurements and infection.

If you are an RTIP/ARM member: Please contact OTIP Benefits Services at 1-866-783-6847 to receive a copy of the Change of Beneficiary form.

If you are a Group Benefits member: As a Group Benefits member, you should have received an email inviting you to set up your access to the OTIP’s secure member site.

A rail pass doesn't provide much hop-on convenience in Spain, since many trains require paid seat reservations, as indicated in train schedules (see below for more Spain-specific reservation advice).

Furthermore, many areas of Spain aren't well served by its train system — for many trips, buses and even flights may be a better option.

Methods: Inclusion criteria for this case series were: (1) severe persistent delirium until death, (2) history of cognitive decline and (3) consent for brain autopsy.

Medical records were examined in combination with collected clinical data and neuropathological findings.

Serving close to 550,000 passengers on a daily basis when MRTC's maintenance provider, Sumitomo Corp.

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