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Select N­odes – Selects a list of nodes matches the Xpath pattern. Select Nodes(“/catalog/book/title/text()”) Select S­in­gle N­ode – Selects the first XMLN­ode that matches the pattern. Select Single Node(“/catalog/book[4]/title/text()”) 'Get the 5th book title Set Nodes_Particular = o XMLFile.

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-- Martin Honnen Microsoft MVP - XML and then simply append a new record using file level I/O.

The problem of course is that the above isn't a well-formed XML document because it has no wrapper element.

Attribute value[0471123] Attribute value[0632121] Attribute value[0712959] So, how do I change it?

Is there a method, cause I don’t see in People Books. Thanks, Rich Local array of Xml Node &name Nodes = &in XMLDoc.

Create Element("visitor") Dim name El As Xml Element = doc. Inner Text = name Dim last Name El As Xml Element = doc. If you want to save changes only in an incremental way then use a data base system, an XML document is not the right choice in that case.

Append Child(visitor) End Sub Then save changes later with e.g. Save("doc.xml") Also note to use Xml Document you need to have a root elements (e.g. Microsoft MVP - XMLIf you are using this as a log file which is likely to grow into the 10's or 100's of MB then yes, this is a very bad way of doing it as you need to load the entire file into memory each time you want to add something to it.

Node Value 'Get all the Fantasy books Set Nodes_Fantasy = o XMLFile.

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