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I'm going to escalate it with them tomorrow, I was just hoping someone here may have some suggestions.Ever since upgrading to Windows 8.1 I haven't been able to change my update settings.While setting up the post backs below, make sure you update existing records, not add new records, it will break the database.

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New SQL Server Database installation will take a few minutes depending on your computer settings.

If you encounter errors in database installation Please restart the computer and try from step 4 again as sometimes Microsoft SQL Server installation expects computer to be restarted.

Note: If there is any mistake in your import file, your order update may not work as expected.

For Sample UPS World Ship Order XML import file, navigate to Help tab.

For updating orders to your online store, you must import XML file which is a reply from UPS World Ship which contains information about the orders along with the Order ID / Order number.

Under Order Import/Export tab, you can export/update the order.

For example you may have a retail webstore and a wholesale webstore.

You may want to have all retail orders prefixed with R- and all wholesale Orders prefixed with W- (R-1001, R-1002, W-20045, W-20046 and so on)Accept phone orders for this store : Check this box if you want to enter phone orders in T-HUB for this store.

The T-HUB home screen is arranged in several panels as shown below Online Stores : This panel has functions to connect to your online stores and configure preferences related to each online store.

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