Updating thumbnails in iphoto

We just show that there are missing photos to make you aware of it.The paths to the missing files are logged in the Duplicate Annihilator debug log file located in your home folder.

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It also makes for an incredibly efficient migration process.

Thanks to some under-the-hood wizardry from Apple, your photos won't duplicate when you import your library from i Photo/Aperture to Photos.

The increase in speed could be tremendous - and it would fit the needs of the users who frequently need to check old series of files very quickly.

Best Regards pabloantoine Bridge keeps a database of thumbnails/previews.

Here’s how to migrate your photo library to the new Photos app from i Photo or Aperture, both of which will no longer receive support for software updates going forward: After pressing Get Started in the blue box as seen above, you have two different options.

If you are brand new to photo organizing on a Mac and have never used i Photo or Aperture before, (or if you don’t want to migrate your i Photo or Aperture library to Photos), you have the option to import pictures from your digital camera or SD card, drag files directly into Photos, import pictures from the File menu or turn on i Cloud Photo Library under preferences.

Of course, what I call Snapshot would be an expert file saved with the folder - but not a cache as it is now.

More like a high res photo file of the folder contents.

Though it may appear in the Finder that both libraries are taking up the same storage capacity, only one library — your Photos library — has the majority of the data.

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