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Many of the standard resume tips college students find on the internet and even from career services experts are great tips, but they’re geared toward traditional college students, students who enroll in college immediately after high school graduation, attend college full-time without taking breaks in attendance, and graduate within four to five years.

An online workshop (16 minutes narrated Power Point presentation) is also available here.[top] A well written, up-to-date and accurate resume is one of several invaluable tools at the core of a successful job search.

The resume communicates your qualifications by summarizing your experience, education and skills, with the goal of eliciting an interview invitation or otherwise having a positive impact on its recipient.

One of the problems and challenges non-traditional college students face is preparing a great resume prior to entering (or re-entering) the workforce after graduation.

This 4-minute video featuring College Recruiter’s Content Manager, Bethany Wallace, provides non-traditional college students with resume tips.

Yes, they might require a degree, even a degree in a specific field — but it’s your work experience that’s going to determine how qualified you are compared to other candidates.

Because of that, I’d nearly always lead with your work experience, not your education, unless one of the following is true: 1.

Your work experience is really unimpressive (which would mean no internships, no work in your field, and no other substantive work).

In this case, your education might be the strongest thing you have going for you, and it would make sense to lead with it. You’re in one of the relatively few fields where education is considered as significant a qualification as work experience.

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