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Use one package manager across all of your systems!

Joyent provide binary packages for Smart OS/illumos, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Contents pkg_add's -u option is used to update a package.

updating pkgsrc-14updating pkgsrc-37updating pkgsrc-82

Many so-called GNU/Linux distributions provide a convenient way of searching, installing and upgrading software by using binary archives found on "repositories".

Net BSD, and more widely, all operating systems relying on pkgsrc have tools like pkg_add and pkg_delete, but those are unable to correctly handle binary upgrades, and sometimes even installation itself.

Getting pkgsrc over CVS is probably the most secure method right now.

You can also fetch it over FTP and untar it if you want to.

pkgin is aimed at being an apt / yum like tool for managing pkgsrc binary packages.

It relies on pkg_summary(5) for installation, removal and upgrade of packages and associated dependencies, using a remote repository.It was to be called pkgsrc, or "package source." In the Net BSD tradition, portability was a major goal. Today, pkgsrc can be used on a large number of platforms.It offers both binary packages and a way to compile software from source.Packages for Mac OS X are offered in two different configurations, a 64-bit set built on Mavericks suitable for users running 10.9 or newer (recommended), and a 32-bit set built on Snow Leopard suitable for users still running legacy OS X releases on 32-bit hardware.Both sets are built from pkgsrc trunk and are updated with the latest packages every few days.Remember that there are a number of steps you would normally carry out if you compiled a program yourself (downloading, unpacking, patching, compiling, installing).

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