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I have created these instructions by installing Fedora Core 4 on a Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop.

More information about Fedora Core 4 is available in the following books: falko provides instructions for The Perfect Setup—Fedora Core 4 at

Thanks to "m d," David Ball, and others for pointing out an important typo in this question!

updating fedora core 4-6

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is based on Fedora Core, so if you want to learn a little about RHEL for free, use Fedora Core.

(Thanks to Kai Thomsen for noting that you only have to login-logout, not reboot.

My goal was to figure out how to get yum to work despite the fact that the stock repositories are long gone in most cases.

I was motivated by the fact that the yum questions are never ending here at Fedora Forum and the question of how to make yum work for these older versions of Fedora seem to be quite common.

It appears that quite a few of the alternative repositories that I've suggested in the posts below are no longer functional.

Rather than flog a dead horse I'm closing this thread and strongly suggest that you use a supported release of Fedora.Use these instructions to install GNU/Linux and the software required for supporting a web server and My SQL database server that generates dynamic web pages using Perl or PHP.These instructions tell you how to install and configure: Fedora is an open source GNU/Linux project sponsored by Red Hat. These instructions assume you are installing Fedora Core 4 onto a PC with a 32-bit Intel or AMD processor.Substantical breakage and substantial security issues due to lack of testing and maturity.Incompatibility with scripts, other programs, and certain environments. More features which aid in better interoperability, add new and exiciting things that just make sense. If you don't use bleeding edge features, Fedora is not bad than you though. I didn't say Fedora was cutting edge, another person did. If you turn it off or recompile older stuff manually, you won't have any problems with the untested nature of bleeding edge.Thanks to many, many people for reminding me about the final step, and the correct link for the SRPM. Brown for getting me the direct link to the correct JDK version!

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