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I'm choosing to do it in this (rather heavy-handed) way, because it gives you an easy way to change the values to whatever you want, and does not rely on too much regular expression wizardry.

EDIT: The script would go in a file of its own, maybe HI Kusalanda, Thanks for your comment,, I wanted to update in xml file and my values coming form my script..

You can download my Slow Cheetah XML Transforms Visual Studio add in.

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// Write updated XML doc = Document(); Output Format format = new Output Format(doc); Indenting(true); String filename = "mydocument" System.current Time Millis() ".xml"; XMLSerializer serializer = new XMLSerializer( new File Output Stream(new File(filename)), format); serializer.serialize(doc); to a new file with the given filename.

Today I just saw a question posted on Stack Overflow asking how to update an XML file using MSBuild during a CI build executed from Team City.

In the blog, I wrote some helper methods to locate XML elements and return their values in a less verbose way.

This proved to be one of my most popular blog entries to date.

I could write something in Perl or Python, but given the simplicity of this problem, I guess there must be a clever Unix utility that does this already.

With this tutorial we shall show you you can read and modify the contents of an XML File using a DOM parser. You read the XML File and use a DOM parser to parse it and construct the DOM object in the memory.

So here is what we are going to do:package com.core; import

Almost two years ago, I wrote a blog with code (found here) that parsed XML easily using the Apache Xerces DOM parser.

If you want to get this working from a CI server, its pretty easy see my post at Cheetah XMLTransforms From

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