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i OS Android You can adjust your Couch Status by tapping into the "Who are you?

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If available, it will download it using your favorite download software.

e've worked closely with Eweka, Usenet Server and Newshosting to bring you the best deals for the most reliable Usenet access available anywhere. To make Couch Potato more stable and thus more awesome, I would like to know!

I was hoping that in your infinite wisdom you could help me find a greener solution than just throwing it out and buying a new one!

Sent by Jil Editor: Jil, we have a few ideas for you!

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And i want to add some data to that document using PUT how can i do that ?

Dying to update your sofa, but can't stomach the idea of buying an entirely new piece or paying big bucks for a reupholstery job?

Obviously you could pay to have it reuphostered (takes money) or you could to reupholster it yourself (which also takes money and skill).

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