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SEC Chairman Christopher Cox recently stated that the proposed SEC rules on disclosure of executive compensation will “almost certainly address options backdating explicitly.” I. Companies have considerable discretion in determining the timing of stock option awards.

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1 insurer United Health Group has lobbied hard against a public option and is heavily influencing the health-care reform debate, former division executive Lois Quam says a public option "makes a lot of sense" and has a place in reform efforts.

Quam, who left the Minnetonka-based behemoth in 2007 after an 18-year stretch, chaired the commission that created Minnesota Care, the insurance program for low-income residents.

Although this practice gave the senior executives significant stock holdings, since the grant was issued at-the-money, the share price had to appreciate before the executives would actually earn a profit.

A 1982 amendment to the tax code created an incentive for executives and their employers to work together to break the law.

"And I hear from people, age 61, 62, 63, who really wish they were 65 and they could get into Medicare.

The very reason Medicare was created in the '60s, of course, was that the private health insurance market wasn't offering affordable coverage to seniors.

It’s important to pay all outstanding insurance premiums during a grace period so your health insurance company doesn’t end your coverage.

The 90-day health insurance grace period starts the first month you fail to pay, even if you make payments for following months.

and dozens of lesser-known technology firms were implicated in the scandal. .) Read on to find out how the scandal emerged, what brought it to and end and what you can learn from it now.

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