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The series of three outdoor ads, breaking across London Underground from January 13 features retro-styled posters with arresting headlines.

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OK, it was my own mistake, of course, but it just shows you how easily one can sabotage his own work for hours...

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K.’s largest Christian dating web site.“We liked the idea of presenting bold statements as if they’d been written on walls and were meant to last,” says Chas Bayfield, creative director of London ad agency Noah, who created the campaign with in-vogue graphics artist Alex Fawkes.“The aim was to break Christian Connection out of the ghetto, by taking them away from cloying sentimentality and into the mainstream through wit and tapping into popular culture, with a campaign that is contemporary and relevant–something many church organizations aren’t always known for.”Bayfield was also behind last month’s “Christmas starts with Christ” campaign for Church K.’s leading Christian groups, including the Church of England, the Methodist Church and Evangelical Alliance, which has been working with some of the U. Its Christmas 2013 campaign included a series of tongue-in-cheek radio ads including “Inn Keeper,” in which a daytime TV talk show host lambasts the inn keeper from Bethlehem who turned Mary and Joseph away while the studio audience heckle, righteously.

London transport has become a popular medium for religious messaging in recent years.

Instead with just a single click they’ll confirm they are not a robot.

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For the truly committed bicycle-lover, there are even Christian Cycling holidays - as recommended by the UK Christian Dating Agency.

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