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Christoph returns to Ireland with a friend, determined to meet his son.

He falls for the boy's mother once again and is determined to marry her. This mini-series was obviously - and successfully - designed to boost tourism for Ireland in the early 80ies.

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The characters are not given lines or a script, but instead react genuinely to the situations into which they are placed.

Bystanders present during filming have called the reliability of this assertion into question, claiming the show's participants regularly do several retakes of scenes if the creators are not happy.

According to RTÉ, the show is unscripted and responses are spontaneous.

As in The Hills, many scenes in the show are manipulated by the show's creators.

‘For Jedward to stay in the striplights of fame, they’ve had to make a Faustian pact and become the jesters for ex- premiership footballers and hardened nightclub hustlers.’ Photograph: Kyran O’Brien .

They do not see themselves as Z-list wannabes, one step away from a “normal” person effectively doing “nixers” as a replacement for real famous people.

The story is good, the characters are funny and likable, and all this makes up just a lovely picture of Ireland.

Christophe, a Paris newspaper photographer, is shooting pictures of the Irish rugby team in their locker room, when one of the players realizes his name.

But he didn't know there was a leftover: Anthony, who lives with his mom, her parents and her brothers (the three Rugby internationals) in a small town in Ireland.

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