Tristin mays and roshon fegan dating

In 2012 he was the participant of the dancing show named Dancing with the stars, At the age of 23, Fegan has appeared in numerous movies and tv series, he loves to compose his own songs and record them.

Date of Birth: June 10, 1990 Ethnicity: Creole (African, French, Native American) Tristin Mays is an American actress and singer. Tristin’s paternal grandfather was Elroy Stanley Mays (the son of Cyrus Mays/May and Annie Mae Allen).

Tristin’s paternal grandmother was Nellreen “Nellie” Orebo (the daughter of Leonard Orebo/Auribeough and Eva Denise Jordan). Leonard was the son of Cleophas Orebo/Auribeough and Marie/Mary Collins.

Rudy and Marge make a product called the pocket ninja.

18 July 2011Pop sensation Ricky Weaver comes to the school for a concert after Kim won a contest, but when Jack warns Kim about Ricky's plans she doesn't believe him.

11 July 2011Jerry signs the gang up for a dance competition, except they can't dance.

When his new dance troupe betray him, he must quickly teach the group to dance.He also appeared as Sander Loyer in the Disney Channel movie franchise Camp Rock.He has also appeared on numerous TV shows as a dancer and singer.Jerry, Eddie, and Milton learn from their sensei, Rudy (Jason Earles), that the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy is in danger of closing.So Jerry, Eddie and Milton convince Rudy to get Jack to join after he crashes through the wall.Rudy, Milton, Jerry and Eddie form a boyband called "Black Belt Boyz".

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