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However, say after doing the above, I change the code to this: Now if I build and output, I don't get "Hello World!" in the output, I get the last thing I had before making this change ("This is a test").Now the PDF is updating as it should but it's just not showing automatically from the build process. Maybe thre is a compatibility issue with Graphicx, assuming I am using a more up-to-date version than last time I successfully compiled documents? But as you again avoided an exact description of your problem (who is "it", what does the panel says exactly? Regards Nicola Talbot -- Home: La Te X Related Information: Creating a La Te X Minimal Example: Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?

texniccenter not updating pdf-75

Of course, it is dependent on where the file is located in your computer.

Make sure you are also pointing to the right file in the bibtex section, as well as the 2)You are using Adobe Reader X or XI and you have to change your viewer settings: For this, go to Build/Define Output profiles in the main menu bar.

Another possibility is forgetting to save the amended file.

Finally, when processing Te X files using some IDEs it is occasionally possible for a change of directories to occur unbeknownst to the user.

I do get a document that has the words "This is a test document".

If I change the sentence in the above code to "This is a test", and build and output - the change gets reflected.To start the wizard, click "Mi KTe X Update" in the Windows start menu.You will be asked to choose an update source: Choose "I want to get updated packages from a remote package repository", if you want to download updates from the Internet.The profile wizard in Te Xnic Center automatically recognized Sumatra and both forward and inverse search work like a charm.However I found that when I recompile my La Te X source, the pdf view in Sumatra is not updated.The newly amended file might be in one directory, but the displayed PDF is a file of the same name in a different directory.

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