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High school boy Ayumu Tamari finds it hard to attend his classes especially since he had to repeat the year due to suffering from a strange syndrome which makes parts of its body's skin turn into a crystal whenever he experiences a strong emotion or stress.To the rescue comes his homeroom teacher Kouya Onihara, who also happens to love crystals.

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TOP played a student in the female lead's class and TOP's fans wanted the two to get together.

So they weren't too happy with the middle-age teacher and young student pairing. Therefore, the series itself isn't boring or not worth watching.

TOP's fans got really angry in some discussion threads. It has a good plot and lots of comedic moments to keep one entertained. And it is a Teacher/Student romance with a happy ending.

In fact, I believe it is the only male teacher/female student series in the market right now that has a happy ending.

Lou Anne Johnson is the archetype that's inspired both rookie teachers and child mol- …educators.

She just can't stop helping her troubled students.

Since a relationship between a teacher and student is inappropriate, the two must hide their status from the world; in fact, the two have not yet consummated their marriage.

As their everyday lives continue, new obstacles to their love present themselves daily.

These once-venerated teachers of cinema deserve an A for sexual awkwardness. Frank Bryant in Not all romantic potential between teacher and student is illicit.

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