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To attribute the technologically advanced Great Pyramid to the Ancient Egyptians is like claiming that the Hottentots of Africa, or the aborigines of Australia, built the Empire State Building.

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A fan in the audience had a sign that simply read...

30 greatest Summer Slam moments WWE has released a special edition of their Top 10 lists.

Old Town resident John Stephenson said: “I have lived on the High Street for 30 years and I have seen many things but this is the most exciting because the film company has told us there is going to be explosions and drones and dozens of A-listers.“You get a fair bit of noise at night from drunks and people singing but this noise will be fabulous because when I go to see the film I can say I was there.”Baz Morrison, 46, manager of Games Workshop, said: “This is great for the city and especially fantastic being on the High Street.

There is potential that it could draw people in and we could get a few more customers but Edinburgh is such a beautiful city and I think we sometimes take it for granted.

Another remarkable feature is the fact that the limestone blocks in the building have barely settled in over 4,700 years.

Until the construction of the Eiffel Tower in 1889, the Great Pyramid was the tallest structure in the world!!

Firearms officers in six unmarked vehicles blocked in a Mercedes E Class, a Jaguar, a VW Scirocco and an Audi at junction 24 of the motorway before opening fire on Monday evening.

Three bullet holes could be seen in the windscreen of the white Audi on its driver's side, which also had four sets of keys left on its bonnet in the hours after the shooting.

Pictured: The victim has been named Yassar Yaqub, 28.

Police revealed a gun was found in the car carrying Yaqub who was shot dead by officers at junction 24 of the M62, just north of Huddersfield, on Monday Cars were brought to a standstill and buses were forced to take diversions because of the demonstration in Leeds Road, a main road that runs into the centre of Bradford.

Other A-listers already signed up to the first part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe double sequel, include Tom Hiddleston, Vin Dies El, Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner.

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