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Stephen Moyer obviously also keeps his private life private, because there is bupkus online about this guy.

According to Us, Anna and Stephen have been a couple since they met filming the pilot episode.[From Us, print edition, September 29, 2008] I don’t get HBO so I don’t know how good this show is, but I loved Moonlight on CBS even though it was super-corny. I’m always suspicious when co-stars are rumored to be dating because it’s the easiest way to get free PR for a TV show or movie, but these two actors don’t seem like the type to sell out their personal lives for publicity.

But even as parents there was some serious PDA at the Season 7 premiere in Hollywood!

and while Paquin’s telepathic waitress Sookie fell in love with Moyer’s Vampire Bill on screen, the two quickly fell in love off-screen, as well.

In interview below, Anna Paquin talks about Stephen Moyer, nude scenes and what it’s like dating a vampire: Sexier, tougher, naked-er.

That just about sums up the second season of HBO’s vampire drama ‘True Blood.’ (Yeah, this definitely isn’t ‘Twilight.’) Star Anna Paquin loves that “anything is possible” on her show — even if it involves a lot of nudity.

She talks to AOL TV about filming steamy sex scenes with her on- and off-screen boyfriend Stephen Moyer, that other vampire franchise and whether she’ll return to the ‘X-Men’ movies. Everyone’s very respectful of the boundaries of whichever actor is doing stuff like that on set.

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