Steam updating slow

Scroll wheel Mode on Joystick now ignores the joystick returning to the center position when doing horizontal/vertical scrolling.

This allows for bindings to be cycled through scroll wheel on left/right or up/down taps.

# General- Fixed error "Invalid Depot Config" while updating a game owned by multiple users on the same computer- Improve voice chat protocol for multiple sessions- Fixed "flushconfig" causing Steam to forget non-standard game install folders- Fixed slow game startup when the game has many "deleted" files in the Steam Cloud- Added preliminary support for games using the Mantle graphics API# Big Picture- Added ability to set the search provider used when entering text into the Web Browsers url bar, under the Interface area in Options.- Fixed a bug where known controller bindings would sometimes not be communicated to the game when Steam started in Big Picture mode# Steam Music Player- Fixed saving out ' Media Keys enabled' on Windows- Removed the setting for enabling media keys for OS X and Linux, because it is not available on these platforms- Scanning for new music only on complete downloads, reducing the numbers of scans- Fixed Settings Set Taskbar Preferences- Made usage of media keys optional, default is off- Added plus button next to Album/Artist button to make it easier to add music- Music scanner includes soundtracks in game directories containing "Sound Track" as name- Fixed rare case of accidental grabbing focus on startup in 2' UI# In-Home Streaming- Fixed gradual framerate drop over time- Fixed not being able to stream if you copy a Steam installation to another computer# Linux- Fixed gamepad entry repeating quickly when running under a locale that doesn't use the decimal point character for floating point numbers- Changed Steam Cloud file paths to be preserve case instead of converting to lowercase.

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Once finished you’ll be presented with the option of opening the backup folder and given basic instructions on restoration. Select “Restore a previous program…” from the Steam menu “Backup and Restore Games…” option, and select the folder where the backup was stored.

You will see all backups kept in this location reflected in the next window as confirmation.

Modern file systems have plenty of advantages beyond big backups.

Archive processing takes about a minute or two per gigabyte depending on the system and the files being compressed.

When combined with a click via either multi-binding or an additional activator, allows for on-screen UI to be bound to buttons even if they have no hotkey.

Multiple Set Cursor Position inputs can be multi-bound to a single button allowing cursor position binding cycling.

App is called MSI Live Update 6.motherboard is MSI Gaming 5 and the ethernet port should be same because has no brand on the port when I looked inside...

Streaming utilizes the In-home Streaming feature to make this possible via Big Picture Mode.

Ragdoll Kung Fu and Darwinia become the first non-Valve games to hit Steam.

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