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This problem has occurred randomly on Windows 7 machines at a high school -- members of a Windows Server 2012 domain (functional level 2008 R2), running avast! I mention the antivirus because on a test set of computers, I removed avast and the problem went away: specifically, 100 consecutive reboots were successful on 4 different machines, as compared to the usual 1 in 16 or so reboots resulting in a "spinning wheel." Running without antivirus didn't seem practical, so I kept looking and found your post referencing KB 2578159.To my amazement, this finally solved this stubborn problem, without needing to go without AV.That sort of sucks because it means we won’t have phone service for another day. Too bad it’s not fast enough to keep up with you when you already know the words you need to say to get where you want. At least with number prompts you can key them in quickly.

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Never got around to just mashing the keypad but I think I will sometime I’m bored. 6PM Wednesday approaches and we still have no dialtone. They repeat it will be fixed by 6PM (it was about PM at that time) so we wait about an hour and call back because it’s not fixed.

Apparently the technician assigned was unable to get to all of their appointments that day and we were being rescheduled for the next day.

The phone had been working fine since we moved in (only about 3 weeks before) so we didn’t expect it to be anything to difficult for Bell to take care of. Since it was after business hours, we waited until the next day to call and report it.

Easy enough, they take the info and promise us the phone will be fixed by 6PM on the Wednesday.

Oh, but we were again guaranteed the phone would be working by 6PM Thursday. During all of this, the phone line is still active, we just can’t get a dialtone.

That means people calling us just get the line ringing forever. If anything, I would have rathered Bell disconnected the line. Too bad I forgot to get the guy’s name and employee ID at the beginning of the call.So you’ve bought your Oyster card and used up your initial credit. Tf L provide a wide range of methods to top up the balance on your card.Which you use depends largely on your circumstances.First place your card on the reader which will confirm the balance and any tickets held.Then select add top-up and either insert the money or pay on a credit/debit card.After I get logged in, I saved the log into a file, and includes all the events since I turned it on and got stuck at the loading screen. Scouring the web was no help, yet another problem that Windows users have that can seemingly only be helped with a restore or reinstall with no actual knowledge of the issue.

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