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The sample consisted of 375 adults comprising of 170 middle adults (45.3%) and 205 older adults (54.7%).

A standardized psychological instrument (Sexual Behaviour Scale) was used to collect data from the respondents.

Objetos producidos por una sociedad permisiva y admiradora del deleite, donde también existían normas para conductas como el sexo oral, el adulterio o la posición pasiva en el sexo homosexual, aspectos ante los cuales la elite romana debía acatar una etiqueta, y aunque estas restricciones no afectaban explícitamente sino a la elite, es decir el 2% de la población, mal visto estas normas -estoy seguro- sólo conseguían plantear para ese dos por ciento y para el resto de la población una línea que representaba la posibilidad de la trasgresión.

Exhibition, Publication and Ownership Histories Eduard Gaffron (1861–1931), Lima, Peru, from 1892 to 1912, then Berlin, from [History of the Department report (Joanne Behrens, 1985) and correspondence in curatorial file]; by descent to his children Mercedes Gaffron, Berlin then Durham S. and Hans Gaffron (1902–1979), Berlin then Chicago [correspondence and documentation of the Gaffron Collection in curatorial file]; sold to the Art Institute, 1955.

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Picture a world where good sex is a blessing of the gods, not a cause for guilt, and where acts often considered immoral, even illegal by our standards are instead celebrated.A married Arizona high school teacher charged with sexual misconduct allegedly had as many as 100 sexual encounters with a former student beginning when she was 15 years old, according to newly released court documents.His wife and fellow educator, 38-year-old Jennifer Woolsey, was also arrested and charged with a single count of failing to report after she admitted to police she knew of her husband's illicit affair with the teen but kept it to herself.Keywords: Sexual Behaviour, Sexuality, Sexual Intercourse, Adults Introduction Fundamentally, sexuality is a life-long issue which develops from childhood into adolescence and adulthood.Sexuality is one of the least understood aspects of ageing, and society often seems to imply that sexuality does not have a place in the lives of adults especially the older adults (Heniy & Mc Nab, 2003) and older people frequently experience barriers to the expression of their sexuality (Mc Auliffe, Bauer, & Nay, 2007).The results showed that the pattern of sexual behaviour, that is, holding hands 53.2%, hugging 52.1%, kissing 50.9%, fondling 58.0%, caressing 60.1%, vaginal sex 51.5%, use of condom with spouse 72.7%and use of condom with someone other than spouse 90.9%, and transactional sex 61.1% are more prevalent among middle adults than older adults while oral 78.9% and anal sex 100% are more prevalent among older adults than middle adults.

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