Sabra dating

Both experiments indicate that the luminescence signal is partially bleached prior to deposition.

The dose distributions of all samples are broadly scattered and have overdispersion values between 25 and 43%, some samples are significantly skewed.

This measure is limited to five SKUs of Classic Hummus sold nationwide.

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Sabra dating

We applied single-aliquot optical dating of coarse grained quartz of wadi deposits and investigated the luminescence properties in detail to achieve more accurate age information about the time of human occupation.

Weak luminescence signals and scattered dose distributions characterise the multi-grain aliquots.

Sabra hummus will return to store shelves at Wesleyan University after a short hiatus spurred by student complaints about the brand.

Students with the campus branch of Students for Justice in Palestine had been boycotting the brand, which is co-owned by an Israeli company, for several months and boasted they helped convince the university to remove stop stocking it.

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