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Aimee was kind enough to hang out with me at a Starbucks on a rainy afternoon and talk publicly for the first time about the now infamous incident.

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But in fact neither of these notions is really established in the film, which is the least successful and focused in the scenes between its two principals.

We never really believe the attraction they feel for one another, we never really understand their relationship, and their romance seems to be mostly an excuse for the other events in the movie to happen - the events that make the film special.

Their halting, tentative conversations expand into "working late," eating Chinese food from the take-out, and finally having sex right there on top of the blueprints.

Because I have heard Lee discuss the film, I know he believes that the Snipes and Sciorro characters are blinded to other issues by each other's blackness and whiteness - that she is intrigued by the myth of black male prowess, that he is fascinated by the ideal of white female beauty.

YG Entertainment, G-Dragon’s label, released an apology but otherwise no one involved with the incident has spoken about what happened. The dancer being “dry humped” on stage by G-Dragon is Aimee Lee Lucas who happens to be a friend.

I admit I know next to nothing about the Korean pop scene, but when I saw the stories and “offensive” photos of Aimee popping up online, well, I had to find out what really happened.

Once pictures like the one above hit the internet, the outrage was almost instantaneous.

It’s become such an issue in the country that this month, the South Korean government decided to step in and is investigating the incident.

A leading lady or gent will, when you squint, look like somebody more famous.

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